Everdry adjustable stepped cavity trays - (ECAVTRAY)

  • At the abutment of a pitched roof with a cavity wall
  • In external walls – not exceeding 120mm thickness – built from standard brickwork or similar sized components with regular course heights, including mortar of approx. 75mm
  • On roof pitches of 25 degrees and above
  • Cavity widths of between 50mm-110mm

Features & benefits

  • 195mm high back upstand
  • Adjustable upstand to cover 50mm-110mm cavities
  • Roof pitch marks on tray upstand to give installation guidance
  • Cavity tray builds into outer leaf only to speed up installation and allowing both inner and outer leafs to be built independently if required



Description & Size

10001 Black Intermediate tray 225mm RH  
10002 Black  Intermediate tray 225mm LH  
10011 Black Intermediate tray 420mm RH  
10012 Black Intermediate tray 420mm LH  
10013 Black Stopend Starter Tray RH/LH  
10041 Black Corner Starter Tray RH/LH  
10061 Black Ridge Tray 420mm  

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Everdry adjustable stepped cavity trays

  • Brand: Timloc
  • Product Code: ECAVTRAY

Tags: cavity, tray, stopend, corner, intermediate, timloc