Anchors for drywall and insulated plasterboard

The Staifix Insofast ISF 18A anchor secures drywall and insulated plasterboard panels to walls. This one piece fire-proof metal fastener has a self-tapping helical shank with work-hardened blades that cut into a wide range of masonry and timber substrates.

Staifix Insofast ISF18A fixings are suitable for use with all types of insulated drywall boards. They can be used in conjunction with 'dot and dab’ adhesive (3 per board) or in place of it (12 per board).

Critically, these high integrity mechanical fixings ensure stability of the boards in the event of a fire to prevent escape routes from becoming blocked.

Heat loss through cold bridging is minimised thanks to a thermally-efficient spiral shaft; the cross-sectional area is just 25% that of a solid shaft of equal diameter.

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Insulated Plasterboard Nails

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