Cavity stop socks - (CAVSOC)

Cavity Stop Socks are lengths of low resin, non-combustible, Rockfibre mineral wool, sleeved in 50 micron polythene for on-site weather protection.

  • Up to four hours fire integrity for masonry construction- Warrington Fire Research test
  • Up to one hour fire integrity for timber frame construction - Warrington Fire Research test
  • Polythene encapsulated cavity stop sock
  • Easily installed both horizontally and vertically with compression fit
  • Prevents the spread of smoke and flames within external masonry and timber frame walls
  • Minimises flanking noise at wall junctions
  • Available in standard widths of 65, 75, 100, 125 and 150mm, with special cavity widths available on request


Cavity Width

Description & Size

CAVSOC50 Cavity width 50mm 65mm x 65mm x 1.2m
CAVSOC75 Cavity width 75mm 90mm x 75mm x 1.2m
CAVSOC100 Cavity width 100mm 120mm x 100mm x 1.2m
CAVSOC125 Cavity width 125mm 135mm x 120mm x 1.2m
CAVSOC150 Cavity width 150mm 160mm x 120mm x 1.2m

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Cavity stop socks

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